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  • Mössbauer and X-ray fluorescence study of sediments from Samana Bay, Dominican Republic 

    Villagran, M.; Sbriz, L.; Alvarez, M. (Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry, 1995-08)
    The chemical state of iron in sediments collected from Samana Bay has been determined by Mössbauer spectroscopy. The Mössbauer spectra were composed of two paramagnetic doulets, which correspond to high=spin ferric and ...
  • Acanthamoeba keratitis. Contact lens and noncontact lens characteristics 

    Chynn, E W; Lopez, M A; Pavan-Langston, D; Talamo, J H (Ophthalmology ., 1995-09)
    To identify potential differences in time to diagnosis and final visual outcome between contact lens and noncontact lens users with Acanthamoeba keratitis. Prior studies have shown early diagnosis and therapy to be related ...
  • Boletín de calidad. 

    Universidad Nacional Pedro Henríquez Ureña. Vicerrectoría de Desarrollo Institucional, Aseguramiento de la Calidad y Proyectos. (Universidad Nacional Pedro Henríquez Ureña, 2023-11)
    Conceptos a conocer – Retos institucionales de la acreditación – Como enfrentar los retos – Efectividad de una acreditación -- ¿Sabías qué? – Calendario de actividades.
  • The impact of SARS-CoV-2 in dementia across Latin America: A call for an urgent regional plan and coordinated response 

    Ibanez, Agustin; Santamaria-Garcia, Hernando; Guerrero Barragan, Alejandra; Kornhuber, Alexander; Mendonca Marques Ton, Alyne; Slachevsky, Andrea; Teixeira, Antonio Lucio; Mar Meza, Beatriz Marcela; Serrano, Cecilia M.; Cano, Carlos; Arias Gonzalez, Carolina; Gonzalez-Billault, Christian; Butler, Christopher; Bustin, Julian; Duran-Aniotz, Claudia; Acosta, Daisy; Matallana, Diana L.; Acosta-Alvear, Diego; Trépel, Dominic; Franca Resende, Elisa De Paula; Ferreira de Oliveira, Fabricio; Ibanez, Francisco; De Felice, Fernanda G.; Navarrete, Gorka; Tamañas, Ioannis; Meier, Irene B.; Smid, Jerusa; Llibre-Guerra, Jorge; Llibre-Rodriguez, Juan J.; Fajersztajn, Lais; Tadao Takada, Leonel; Duque, Lissette; Okada de Oliveira, Maira; Camargos Bicalho, Maria Aparecida; Behrens, Maria Isabel; Pintado-Caipa, Maritza; Parra, Mario; Z. Wilson, Maxwell; De La Cruz Puebla, Myriam; Custodio, Nilton; Santibanez, Rodrigo; Bernardo Serafim, Rodrigo; Melo Tavares, Ronnielly; Piña Escudero, Stefanie Danielle; Piña Escudero, Stefanie Danielle; Leon Rodriguez, Tomas; Dawson, Walter; Miller, Bruce L.; Kosik, Kenneth S. (Translational Research & Clinical Interventions, 2020)
    The SARS-CoV-2 global pandemic will disproportionately impact countries with weak economies and vulnerable populations including people with dementia. Latin American and Caribbean countries (LACs) are burdened with unstable ...
  • Surgical-orthodontic retreatment of a severe skeletal Class III malocclusion following an orthodontic camouflage 

    Martino, Francisco; Peña, Manuel; Joubert, Rony (Dental Press J. Orthod., 2021)
    Class III malocclusions are some of the most difficult occlusal anomalies to be treated. Some patients with this condition may require orthognathic surgery, while others may be treated with dental camouflage. Proper patient ...

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